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COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah - Restaurants in Utah have joined forces to spread the word that they offer takeout meals in response to COVID-19 restrictions that prohibit eating during a coronavirus pandemic. Concert-goers gather at the Salt Lake City Convention Center to hear about a two-day, twice-canceled Utah Symphony Orchestra concert organized in protest of the CO VID-19 restrictions. Concert goers gathered in the parking lot of the Cedar City Resort on Thursday, May 18, 2016 to await the second day of a concert that was canceled twice. It was organized by students and their parents from Utah State University who organized a second night concert at the Cedar County Convention Centre to protest the restriction to CoVID '19.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill is located in the parking lot of the Cedar City Resort on Thursday, May 18, 2016. The cost is $10 per person, with 100 percent of the ticket proceeds going to the Utah Alzheimer's Society. Great Steak & Potato Co., which is located at Big O Tire, regarding the ban on CO VID-19 restrictions in Utah during the coronavirus pandemic. Big O tyres near the Utah State University campus in Salt Lake City on Friday, June 3, 2017, in response to their ban on COVID-18 restrictions. Great steak and potato dishes, right next to the Apple Bee House

The Firehouse Subs Franchises and Sale is located in the Salt Lake Area and is fully equipped. They formed in 2014 and have built up a loyal customer base who inherited their love of the subservient when they bought the property - and that is a recipe for success. The place has all the quirks you would expect, like closed on Sundays and nothing coffee - seasoned on the menu, but they have had everything and behave with the quirk you would expect from a place where nothing but coffee is seasoned. They have proven to be one of the best subshops in Utah with a strong reputation for high quality service and good food.

What to do in Logan : Do things like the bike trails of Logan and see some of the best hiking and biking trails in Utah, as well as some great restaurants and shops.

What to do in Logan: Steakhouse worth a look is Red Lobster, which serves some of the state's best steaks, as well as good beer, wine and food.

At Real Taqueria there is a respectable selection of proteins, including tongue cacti, although more well-known options such as barbacoa and asada. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of beers - grilled fish - and chips, as well as some of the best beers and wines in the state. What to watch out for: The menu includes ramen and sushi, which have become increasingly popular in the city centre of late, but the restaurant's typical dishes, such as the delicate honey miso - glazed salmon fillet, offer the best of both worlds: fresh fish and seafood with a hint of sweet and savoury flavour.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill, which is not far from downtown, is a steakhouse priced at $21, which means $20 for a full-service meal and $10 for the converted $21. +. Birdhouse is another family and friends group that serves fried chicken in various formats.

The family-owned Mexican restaurant on North Main Street in Tooele serves classic Mexican specialties. Mexican inspired cuisine, there should be something for everyone in the family. The restaurant is the brainchild of the same people behind Cliff's Dining & Pub and offers a variety of flavours including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, as well as pork and beef ribs. American cuisine by a delicious chef inspired by Mexican cuisine, including bean burritos with nachos, oven - baked artisanal pizzas and inspired sandwiches.

This family restaurant on the main street of Tooele serves a varied menu that includes chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, salads and sandwiches. With a wide range of food and excellent service, it can be a great place for family lunches and dinners if you are looking for a fun, relaxed restaurant with fantastic service.

Located on the outskirts of the city, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is one of Tooele's most popular restaurants and a great place for an informal dinner with excellent service and good food. Located just two miles from downtown Sandy, the Outback Steakshouse is the oldest steakhouse in Utah and the second oldest restaurant in Utah. Located 2-9 miles outside the Sandy center and only a few miles from downtown, it is an excellent, quality and affordable steakhouse with a wide variety of food and excellent service.

The interior looks like a million dollars, the menu offers a selection of tastings and there are liquor options if you look at the ransom kiitos and the High West. For the thirsty, the Star offers handmade cocktails and a variety of soft drinks options, including wine, beer, wine and spirits, as well as a full bar. Speaking of which, Momi Donuts, a Boise-based burger brand that recently opened at Layton Hills Shopping Center, is located at Restaurant Row at the southern end of the property and will be part of a growing list of new restaurants in Tooele County. Try saying that with a mouthful of cheetah scattered on an Elot (try it!).

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